Our rooms and character

Are Tripadvisor reviews true?

Always bear in mind that reviews are subjective, and as so nothing more than the relation between the quality of the service and a given person’s own expectations, along with their proneness to review. Despite our mostly positive reviews, we are certain that there’s always room for improvement, and we relentlessly strive to find it.

We also encourage our guest to talk issues through, we’ve found reviews mentioning things as problems that were really not. (recent example: “no forks provided”. Forks are there, but we cannot know that you’re missing them and show them where they are if not asked).


Are the rooms as shown in the pictures?

Indeed! We publish our own pictures but you can also find pictures of our guests. The combination of both is a good way to build your idea of our rooms. Of course our pictures try to highlight the character of the room and, in the same way that everybody says cheese for a picture, we try to photograph each room at its best. Additionally, our pictures are the product of professional work that enlightens the best features of each room. Yet, no major changes are from the pictures to reality.


Ecological concern

At Vrabac we have high ecological concern. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be completely eco-friendly, so we try to minimise the impact our actions have on the planet and encourage behaviour towards a more sustainable model. Most of our policies are conceiveid having in mind and drawing from the Kyoto protocol (change of towels and linen every three days, breakfast policy, etc).


Are the rooms noisy?

Places are not noisy, but people can be noisy. That’s why we encourage sustainable tourism. Our guesthouse has been very often described as an oasis amidst the busy city, yet issues like noise are very personal and we are located in the city centre, with all that it entails. While earplugs proves to be the solution for most cases, if you are a very light sleeper you can take into account that rooms facing the street are more liable to suffer external noise. Although we do not book specific rooms, we have some room categories that are only interior or we may try to give you an interior room by explicit request when possible.


Can one choose rooms from the pictures?  

We do not book specific rooms, but categories of rooms that are equal in size and amenities. Yet, we try that each room conveys its own character. If you die for a room you’ve seen in a picture you can ask for it. However, since it does not depend on us, unfortunately it is not always possible to comply with such requests. Yet, what we can assure is that we will do our best to comly and that if not possible the room you book, although different in character, is equally nice and comfortable!


Do you have an elevator?  

There is no elevator in our building. We are located in a protected modernist 19th century building in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, so there is no possibility of placing an elevator. In addition to that, we’d like keeping everything as close to the original as possible. Keeping the original structure also helps to a more authentic experience, and the absence of elevator or soundproof windows is highly compensated by the beautiful marble staircase, the original art in the ceilings, the hydraulic tiles, the metalic peepholes on the doors and all those little original details that make of Vrabac and its rooms a unique place.




At what time is reception open? How do we contact outside reception hours?

Reception opens from 09:30 till 13:30. This is the time when all of our guests are at Vrabac, having breakfast and checking in and out. After that time, with everybody gone, it is generally pointless for us to be at Vrabac, unless we have work to do or we are waiting for guests. Yet, we are at our guests’ disposal 24/7. If there’s anything that cannot wait until the following morning, and we’re not at Vrabac, guests can contact us at our emergency number +34 663 494 029 (only phone calls).


Why is it important to provide your estimated time of arrival and flight number?

Since we do not have 24hs reception, it is important for you that we know your time of arrival to make sure that someone is at Vrabac in order to welcome you, provide you with the keys and give you all the necessary information. Very often flights are delayed, so it is also helpful for us to know your flight number. In this way we can check online if your flight is delayed. By providing this information you help us sparing you unnecessary waiting time and by minimising the time invested we can continue to offer late check-ins, a service that is paid in most places, for free.


How do I come in and out if the reception is not 24 hours open?

At check-in you are provided with your own key. We try that Vrabac feels more of a home than of a hotel. So you do not have to leave the key behind at each time but enjoy complete freedom without depending on us during your stay.

You can enter or leave the house at any time but please, take into account that other guests or neighbours might be resting. Try to be careful and noiseless at any time.




At what time is it served?

Breakfast is served daily from 09:00 till 11:00 during the summer season. On particular events such as the Mobile Congress or after New Year’s eve, as well as during the low season (December, January and February) there could be a slight change to this time.


What does it consists of?

We serve a continental breakfast buffet. Many of the products are organic, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some are baked and/or prepared especially for us or by us (our yoghurt, pastries, variety of jams, among others…). Others are bought in regional markets.


What happens if I have to leave before breakfast time?

Although you’ll miss breakfast proper, every room is equipped with a kettle to boil water, and there’s tea and coffee. Additionally, you can ask on the day prior to your departure for some muffins, croissants or a sandwich to be left for you.


Do you charge 5€ extra for items left unconsumed?

At Vrabac we’re concerned with ecological issues, so we encourage people to take only what it is to be consumed. We do not pretend to make money out of unconsumed products nor to limit the amount you can eat, but the measure is intended to prevent wasteful behaviour and highlight the importance of a responsible attitude. Mass food production has a high ecological cost. You can take as much as you want, what we want to prevent is that you waste items you do not want. You can check www.tristramstuart.co.uk to expand your knowledge on this matter. read more




Why isn’t it possible to pay with credit card?

In some European countries, it is quite common for small places like ours not to work with credit cards. While big hotels have this option, we are not a hotel but a B&B, which is a private house that offers accommodation. 
We do not work with credit cards because we prefer to avoid the unnecessary fees, both for you and for us, that banks and credit cards charge for its service. You can nonetheless pay with your credit card through PayPal. In that case we just add the admin fee that PayPal charges for using its service. Alternatively, and exceptionally, you can pay by bank transfer (this is not a good option for transatlantic transfers) provided that the payment is credited before the day of your departure.


Cancellation policy


Why there is a cancellation policy?

The commercial relationship starts from the moment a room is booked. When you cancel, regardless of the fact that you are not making use of the actual room, a service is provided which is what the fee is ultimately intended to cover. This service comprises and is not limited to the actual process of the booking and all that it entails, accounting for the deposit paid, etc. Most importantly, from the moment you book we reject every other request for the room, sometimes making it impossible for us to book the room afterwards, a room that would have otherwise been booked. That is why it is worse to cancel with shorter notice. The fee, however, does not cover the cost of the room and usually we take most of the loss.


What is your cancellation policy?

  • Deposit is non refundable
  • Cancellations made 2 weeks or more before arrival are free of charge.
  • Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice 20% of the full booking price is charged.
  • Cancellations made with less than 1 week notice 30% of the booking price is charged.
  • Cancellations with less than 48 h 90% of the booking price is charged.


Is your cancellation policy the same than Hostelworld.com’s ?

No. Hostelworld.com is and intermediary and they have their own policy. As stated in their hostel descriptions, they have a standard they propose unless stated otherwise by the guesthouse. In addition to that, their policy deals with the commission you pay them, but not with your relation to the guesthouse. If you cancel, the policy stated above applies.


What is the difference between a cancellation and a NO-SHOW?

A cancellation makes us aware that you’re not showing up and, although remote, gives us a slight chance of having the room booked. A NO-SHOW has someone waiting for you until the end of your arrival day and obliges us to hold the room for you until after you failed to show up, making it impossible for us to rent the room to anyone else. Hence why the whole booking has to be paid.


Do I lose the money I paid?

We provide accommodation so we do not like having to charge a cancellation fee. So even though we have to, we keep it as credit for a future booking in our house, provided that it is on the same year and subject to availability.






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